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Basic Courses

Strengthening Effective Communication

Category: Communication

Facilitator: Natalya H. Bah

This course prepares you to maximize your communication effectiveness. Learn techniques from listening to delivery to better communicate to others and maximize your daily effectiveness.

Sustaining Resilience

Category: Resilience

Instructor: Natalya H. Bah

This course provides insight into what makes people resilient. Insight and practical application opportunities will be provided to help participants strengthen their resilience and ensure they can sustain it over a long period.  Lessons learned from the pandemic will be considered.

Body Language Basics for INfluence & Charisma


Category: Body Language

Facilitator: Shing-Hwa Cheung

In this course you'll learn how key non-verbal communication signals are critical to improving how others perceive you and how you can use this knowledge to decode what others are really "saying" to you.

How Successful People Think

Category: Executive Skills

Facilitators: Natalya H. Bah and Carl F. Hicks, Jr.

This course introduces the success mindsets that successful people utilize. This includes the power of perspective, purpose, and passion. Consider your own mindset and strengthen it to encourage your success level

Coming Soon


Category: Goal Setting

Instructor: Bruce Gay

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or burned out? This course will teach you a journaling and reflection technique to organize the chaos in your head. 

Coming Soon

Increasing Influence

Category: Influence

Instructor: Natalya H. Bah

What characteristics identify influential people? How can influence help you be successful? This course explains the role influence can play and provides opportunities for strengthening your influence.

Coming Soon

Critical Thinking for Problem solving

Category: Problem Solving

Instructor: Natalya H. Bah

How would having increased critical thinking skills help you in your life? How can these skills be applied to solve problems? This course provides insight on both these topics so that you can be more effective.

Coming Soon

Getting Goal Ready

Category: Goal Setting

Facilitator: Natalya H. Bah

This course prepares participants to narrow down and begin focusing on a goal. This course also lays the foundation for future successful goal achievement.

Coming Soon
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