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Prepare for the Future:

Strengthen Your Success Skills

Offering Online and Live Training 

Why Success Skills?

The pandemic has changed the way we work, interact, communicate and lead. Skills like time management, communication, and emotional intelligence-- are even more critical now.

Growth Group Academy is an online platform that allows easy access and navigation through our self-paced courses. These courses will teach you how to strengthen the skills that we see in successful people. We also provide courses on Zoom and other online platforms with opportunities to interact with our diverse group of facilitators and community members.

Take an Online Course

Keyboard and Mouse

Three levels of courses:


Introductory: a basic overview of the subject 


Intensive: a deeper dive into the subject


Master: More intensive study with direct interaction with facilitators

We offer a variety of self-paced online courses across a wide range of topic areas.

Attend a Special Event


Attend or host a Special Event

Meet our Facilitators

Working from Home

In addition to our self-paced, online courses, we also have host special events.


Examples of these events include:


  • webinars

  • question and answer sessions

  • panel discussions

Organizations can also contract to host a specialized course for delivery to their group.


Our facilitators are actual practitioners who can give you real world examples and insight into to strengthen and utilize your success skills.

They come from a variety of backgrounds including the military, health care, government contracting, consulting, aerospace and other industries.

Partner with our facilitators!


Examples of our facilitator backgrounds includes:

  • higher degrees (masters or PhD)

  • military experience

  • international work experience

  • foreign languages

  • experience running or working in successful businesses


Featured Facilitator:

Carl Hicks

Headshot Dad.jpg

Course: How Successful People Think

Learn More

"Carl's insight, perspective and advice have been beneficial for the nearly twenty-five years we have known each other. In today's challenging environment, quick fixes don't work. We recommend a 'Hicks Fix' for lasting value."

Dennis Manning

Chairman & CEO (retired)

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

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